Residential Wallpaper

Experience unmatched craftsmanship with Wallpaper Perth’s dedicated services. Each project, under James’ expert guidance, becomes a testament to design proficiency. From ornate handcrafted patterns to sleek contemporary prints, we ensure walls aren’t just covered, but celebrated. Dive into a world where every surface tells a story.

Wall Transformation

Discover Wallpaper Perth, where excellence in wall design is paramount. Our expert team, led by the seasoned James, ensures that each installation exudes perfection and style.

Decorative Excellence

Beyond mere wallpapers, we delve into an extensive array of painting solutions. Our designs aren’t just beautiful—they’re timeless expressions of art.

James’s Vision

With over three decades in the industry, James has cultivated a team at Wallpaper Perth that stands for unparalleled quality and craftsmanship in every project.

Design Mastery

Whether you’re seeking intricate hand-painted designs or modern prints, Wallpaper Perth offers bespoke solutions tailored to your aesthetic preferences.

Quality Assurance

Our team’s dedication is underscored by esteemed accreditations, including the noteworthy recognition from the City & Guilds of London and a member of the Master Painter & Decorator Assosiation.

Holistic Approach

At Wallpaper Perth, we believe in more than just surface beauty. Our comprehensive suite of services ensures every corner of your space sings in harmony.

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Janice Neaves

"Exceptional service, exceptional workmanship!"


"Thanks for a fantastic job!"

Juanita Moran